What We Do

Mergers and Acquisitions

Our professional team has been involved in all aspects of buying; selling and restructuring privately held companies on behalf of the business owner. As owners and operators of our own portfolio of companies, we are uniquely positioned to understand both the financial and non-financial aspects of mergers and acquisition transactions.  With our vast network of domestic and international relationships, Amdel can perform comprehensive search assignments for our clients to locate the most appropriate well-financed partner for each specific situation.

Private Placements

For companies that are unable or unwilling to access the public securities market, private financing is a desirable option.  We offer extensive experience marketing, distributing, and negotiating private equity and mezzanine capital placements. We are in touch with the active institutional investors and the terms available in the private markets at any given point in time.

Debt and Equity Funding

For those companies actively seeking to increase or refinance existing bank loans or structure debt financing relating to expansion opportunities, Amdel will provide a full range of investment banking services to satisfy these needs. We prepare complete financial presentations and assist business clients throughout the process of negotiating pricing, terms, and covenants on new borrowings and recapitalization to enhance liquidity and improve cash flow.

Business Valuations

When looking to either buy or sell a business, a comprehensive and objective valuation of the business is critical in determining the price. A valuation of a business is also necessary to determine estate and gift taxes, develop a buy-sell agreement, develop an employee stock ownership plan and determine an appropriate loan collateral amount. Amdel has extensive experience in providing both high level comparable valuations and detailed multi-approach valuation analysis for both publicly and privately held companies