Amdel’s Ph-D developed process to selling a business at maximum market value.


We ensure the sale of your business is managed with the highest level of precision and expertise.

Our sales process guides clients from valuation to deal closure, providing comprehensive analysis, buyer targeting, and document preparation for a strategic and seamless transaction:

 Fair Market Value Determination 

Amdel collaborates with the client (seller) company to establish the valuation of the privately held company in line with Revenue Ruling 59-60 and other guidelines. This valuation remains confidential and is not disclosed to potential buyers.

On-Site Review

Amdel Associates’ team will conduct a thorough on-site examination of the seller’s facility, performing an in-depth analysis of the company’s organization. This step is carried out concurrently with the first step.

Targeted Buyer Search

Our in-house research team conducts a comprehensive search for potential buyers using Amdel’s extensive database, which includes 4,000 active buyers and around 7,500 Private Equity Groups, Family Offices, and Investment Funds. The search is refined to identify Synergistic Buyers and Highly Capitalized Buyers, also known as Target Buyers.

Preparation of Selling Documents

Amdel prepares two key documents to present the client company to potential buyers and/or merger partners:

  1. Executive Summary: A brief  “teaser” document that highlights the acquisition opportunity to the potential buyer, featuring the company’s unique characteristics without revealing its name or detailed location.
    The Executive Summary is used during the initial Buyer/Investor Contact Phase.
  2. Confidential Business Memorandum (CBM):   A comprehensive document and detailed document that provides an in-depth overview of the client company, including its history, unique products or services, market presence, sales approaches, financial performance, company asset and facility list, personnel and organizational charts, and future projections– usually three years history and three to five year projections. The CBM is only shared with interested buyers upon receipt of a fully executed Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Targeted Buyer Outreach

Amdel Associates directly contacts Potential Buyers/Investors, providing them with the client’s Confidential Profile and a Confidentiality Agreement.

Document Exchange

Following the receipt of a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement, the Confidential Business Memorandum is sent to interested buyers/investors.

Buyer/ Investor Follow-Up

Amdel meticulously follows up with interested Buyers and/or Investors and obtains “Indications of Interest” – an initial offering purchase price – from potential purchasers using an auction-based approach. Amdel then develops the buyer “Short List” and obtains a Letter of Intent from buyers submitting the highest purchase price. Amdel will also conduct a credibility review and verification of financial qualification of interested buyers.

Buyer Review / Visit

Amdel assists the seller in reviewing purchase offers, terms, and conditions from shortlisted buyers. We also help prepare for buyer visits, ensuring a positive impression and successful meetings. This preparation includes setting a Buyer Visit Agenda & Meeting Objectives, which covers management presentations, facilities tours, additional documentation requirements, and guidelines for buyer-client interactions.

Final Deal Negotiation

Amdel will review with the client and their financial and legal advisors, the best offers and conduct final negotiations with the chosen buyer to secure the most favorable price and terms. The client is not obligated to accept any offer.

 Transaction Closing

Nothing matters until the deal is closed!  We are experienced at ensuring a smooth closing process, addressing any potential issues that might arise. We help clients and their professional advisors prepare for buyer due diligence, documentation review, and ultimate deal closings. We also provide support for any post-closing integration matters.