The 10 Steps

Our Ph.D developed approach to maximize the value of your company.

Determination of the Fair Market Value of the client’s company in accordance with Revenue Ruling 59-60 and other guidelines for the valuation of privately held companies (Not disclosed to interested buyers).

On-site review of the client company’s organization (Completed in conjunction with Step One).

A comprehensive document, The Confidential Strategic Business Review Report, is prepared which describes the client company in detail. Submitted to interested buyers only upon receipt of an endorsed Non-Disclosure Agreement.
Preparation of a one-page Confidential Profile, which highlights the acquisition opportunity without disclosing the name and location of the client company. Used during the initial Buyer/Investor Contact Phase.

A Targeted Buyer Search is performed utilizing Amdel’s database of 3,500 active buyers and 10,000 Private Equity Groups and Investment Funds. This search is then filtered and modified to create a list of potential Synergistic Buyers, Highly Capitalized Buyers, also known as Target Buyers.

Targeted Buyers are directly contacted by Amdel Associates, and receive the client’s Confidential Profile and a Confidentiality Agreement.

Upon receipt of a signed Confidentiality Agreement, The Confidential Strategic Business Review Report is sent to interested buyers/investors.

Amdel follows up with interested buyers and obtains indications of interest from potential purchasers using an auction-based approach.
Amdel obtains a Letter of Intent from buyers submitting the highest purchase price, and conducts a credibility review and verification of financial qualification of interested buyers.

Amdel Associates counsels client relative to pending buyer visit and provides guidance relative to preparation of Buyer Visit Agenda & Meeting Objectives (management presentation, facilities tour, additional documentation required, buyer-client interface & discussion guidelines and other relevant details to ensure a positive image and successful meeting).

Amdel will review with client and his advisors, CPA, Attorney etc. the best buyer offers for, comparative purposes, and then conduct final negotiations with the chosen buyer to obtain the most favorable price and terms. The client is not obligated to accept any offer presented.

Amdel Associates will be present during this process and will assist the client and the client’s professional advisors in preparing for the buyer’s due diligence, documentation review and deal closing procedures.