Consider Your Options

Should You Grow or Get Out?

Should you grow your company through new product lines and services? Add better IT services? Expand Geographically?

How will you finance this growth?

Should you seek some form of ownership transfer? Sell to a competitor? A family member? How about selling to members of Management or an outside Investment Group?

We Got You Covered. Call us today, ask for William.

  1. Buying and Selling Businesses
  2. Details on Industry Consolidations and Roll-Ups.
  3. Recapitalizations, Equity Groups and Becoming a “Platform Company.
  4. Valuing Your Company to Determine True Market Worth.
  5. Hidden Assets Within your Company.
  6. How to Determine if Your Company is Properly Positioned to Sell.
  7. Understanding What Buyers and Investors Look for.
  8. The Current Trends in The Merger and Acquisition market.
  9. How to Maximize the Selling Price of Your Business.
  10. Reviewing Your Business & Personal Objectives”